Getting access to CCR

CCR offers a variety of resources for researchers to use in their own projects. To get started with CCR resources you need the following:

VPN Access

Access to all CCR resources, including creating accounts is restricted to UB and Roswell Park networks. You must be either on campus or connected to UBVPN or Roswell Park VPN. For more information on connecting to UBVPN see here. If you do not have a UBIT account or a Roswell Park user account please contact CCR Help to inquire about VPN access.

Creating a CCR user account

CCR resources are freely available to the UB and Roswell Park research communities. You must create an individual CCR account and enable two factor authentication if you wish to access any CCR resources. Please note that CCR user accounts are separate from your UBIT or Roswell Park accounts.

A CCR user account can be created quickly and easily by by filling out the form here using your UB or Roswell Park email address. Once your account is created you will need to verify your email address and enable two factor authentication.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

CCR requires all user accounts to have two factor authentication enabled. We support OTP, which stands for One-Time Passcodes and is a common form of two factor authentication (2FA). OTP is also known as app based authentication, software tokens, or soft tokens where an app on your phone will generate unique numeric passcodes as a second factor to provide increased account security.

To enable two factor authentication on your account, follow these easy steps:

  1. Install an authenticator app on your phone. Authentication apps like Authy, Google Authenticator, and Duo are supported. We recommend Duo as it's also used by UBIT.

  2. Login to CCR IDM portal here and click on OTP Tokens in the side menu.

  3. Click on the "New Token" button and follow the directions to scan the QR code using your authenticator app. Enter the six digit passcode generated by the app.

For more details on two factor authentication see here.

Faculty accounts and PI status

If you are a Faculty member or PI, an additional step is required after you have enabled 2FA. You will also need to login to ColdFront and request that your account be upgraded to "PI Status" so you can request allocations. Go to your user profile here and click on the Upgrade Account button.

Allocation Requests

Access to CCR resources is managed using allocations. ColdFront is the allocations management system CCR uses to manage resource allocations for the entire center. In order to access CCR resources you must be on an active allocation.

  • Faculty members (Principal investigators) can use ColdFront to create projects, add group members, and request allocations to resources. Once an allocation is activated, users on that allocation will be able to access the resource. More details about ColdFront can be found here.

  • Students and postdocs can contact the faculty member (PI) who is sponsoring your account to request that they add you to their project and allocations.

  • External Collaborators the faculty member you're working with needs to request a CCR account and VPN access by contacting CCR Help

  • Industry customers please contact CCR Help to request access.